Need For Speed 4 Modern Patch v0.1.0 [2016/05/11] (Portable)

A patch for the Need For Speed 4: High Stakes. This is a side project of the Need For Speed III Modern Patch. Currently, it has a small amount of fixes. The key features of this patch are portability (no more registry!) and high poly cars support (it is useful for modding). There is still no widescreen resolutions support.

How to install

  1. Copy DATA and SAVEDATA directories from the NFS4 CD to a new empty directory.
  2. Extract contents of the nfs4_modern_patch.7z (1.2MB) into that directory with replacement of files.
  3. Done!

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Plans: Milestone 1 (Full Widescreen Support)

Goal: $500.
Collected: $864 (the surplus will be moved to the next milestone).
Status: suspended.

Mandatory set of features:

  • Refactoring of the thrash init and get resolutions list code. It have to solve some compatibility problems with D3D renderers.
  • Widescreen resolutions support for the gameplay. It will be possible to choose it from the graphics settings in a general way.
  • Proper handling of all aspect ratios (from 5:4 to 16:9, inclusive 4:3 and 16:10). HUD will be adopted automatically for every supported resolution.
  • Better modding abilities. AllowHugeTextures setting support, which will allow to use textures up to 2048×2048.
  • Patching of the voodoo2a.dll to add an ability to use widescreen resolutions (a Glide API extension, by default only d3da.dll can use widescreen resolutions).
  • 32bpp support in the voodoo2a.dll (another Glide API extension).
  • Huge textures support in the voodoo2a.dll (and again, it's also a Glide API extension).

It is planned to release v1.0.0 when these features will be done and they will be stable. I'm planning to include some other nice features into the first release, but the list is not predefined. For example, I'll try to remove effect limitations in the menu for the D3D renderers.

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    VEG Author

    Guys, let's switch the topic. Let's talk about how awesome this game is :) Your best memories according these games. Your first time when you had seen them, your first emotions, where did you get the CD... and so on.

  2. #102

    Hi guys, I think this question is a little bit innapropiate but I started to play NFS 4 again and I wanted to know which cars were discarded in the final version of the game. I know that Italdesign Scighera is one of them because you can find the vidwall file on the feart folder but I think there was some other cars too

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    Master Betty

    Huh, i didn't think the discussion of this game was still a thing. VEG, not too sure who you are, but NFS:HS was literally my entrance into PC gaming all those years ago, and I haven't been able to get it to run on 7/8/10. It's incredibly frustrating, and I've missed my favorite game for so long. With your patch, thanks to the PCGamingWiki which led me here, I'm able to run it again. I'm currently around 40 hours of nostalgic fun in, and I'm absolutely so in love again. Just know your work has brought joy to someone's holiday season. Thank you so much!

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    VEG, I'd be very happy to see progress on this some day, but I can understand that the reaction of certain individuals might actually push you farther from continuing your work. Get your life on track, it's more important than some ranting idiots online. I've also donated something when I could afford it, and I'm fine with it. there is a difference between a donation and a payment and some people should propably look it up.
    On a side note, perhaps you could source other people to finish your work if you feel less motivated to finish it by making your sources accessible?