Need For Speed 4 Modern Patch v0.1.0 [2016/05/11] (Portable)

A patch for the Need For Speed 4: High Stakes. This is a side project of the Need For Speed III Modern Patch. Currently, it has a small amount of fixes. The key features of this patch are portability (no more registry!) and high poly cars support (it is useful for modding). There is still no widescreen resolutions support.

How to install

  1. Copy DATA and SAVEDATA directories from the NFS4 CD to a new empty directory.
  2. Extract contents of the nfs4_modern_patch.7z (1.2MB) into that directory with replacement of files.
  3. Done!

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Plans: Milestone 1 (Full Widescreen Support)

Goal: $500.
Collected: $864 (the surplus will be moved to the next milestone).
Status: suspended.

Mandatory set of features:

  • Refactoring of the thrash init and get resolutions list code. It have to solve some compatibility problems with D3D renderers.
  • Widescreen resolutions support for the gameplay. It will be possible to choose it from the graphics settings in a general way.
  • Proper handling of all aspect ratios (from 5:4 to 16:9, inclusive 4:3 and 16:10). HUD will be adopted automatically for every supported resolution.
  • Better modding abilities. AllowHugeTextures setting support, which will allow to use textures up to 2048×2048.
  • Patching of the voodoo2a.dll to add an ability to use widescreen resolutions (a Glide API extension, by default only d3da.dll can use widescreen resolutions).
  • 32bpp support in the voodoo2a.dll (another Glide API extension).
  • Huge textures support in the voodoo2a.dll (and again, it's also a Glide API extension).

It is planned to release v1.0.0 when these features will be done and they will be stable. I'm planning to include some other nice features into the first release, but the list is not predefined. For example, I'll try to remove effect limitations in the menu for the D3D renderers.

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    VEG Author

    Guys, let's switch the topic. Let's talk about how awesome this game is :) Your best memories according these games. Your first time when you had seen them, your first emotions, where did you get the CD... and so on.

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    Hi guys, I think this question is a little bit innapropiate but I started to play NFS 4 again and I wanted to know which cars were discarded in the final version of the game. I know that Italdesign Scighera is one of them because you can find the vidwall file on the feart folder but I think there was some other cars too

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    Master Betty

    Huh, i didn't think the discussion of this game was still a thing. VEG, not too sure who you are, but NFS:HS was literally my entrance into PC gaming all those years ago, and I haven't been able to get it to run on 7/8/10. It's incredibly frustrating, and I've missed my favorite game for so long. With your patch, thanks to the PCGamingWiki which led me here, I'm able to run it again. I'm currently around 40 hours of nostalgic fun in, and I'm absolutely so in love again. Just know your work has brought joy to someone's holiday season. Thank you so much!

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    VEG, I'd be very happy to see progress on this some day, but I can understand that the reaction of certain individuals might actually push you farther from continuing your work. Get your life on track, it's more important than some ranting idiots online. I've also donated something when I could afford it, and I'm fine with it. there is a difference between a donation and a payment and some people should propably look it up.
    On a side note, perhaps you could source other people to finish your work if you feel less motivated to finish it by making your sources accessible?

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    Many many many many thanks from Hong Kong!

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    Hi, VEG.

    Thanks a lot for your contribution.

    Why did the game go back automatically to Windows with error message "AMF=5 screen.c(563)" poped up?

    Please reply, Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, VEG.

    I found the solution! "Triple Buffer" must set to "Off" otherwise abort message "AMF=5 screen.c(563)" will pop up and terminate the application, please be cautioned!

    Besides, I use a 16:9 monitor, however, why was the screen squeezed in the game as the following screenshot:

    I wanna keep the original 4:3 gaming aspect ratio which there are two black area in both left hand side and right hand side of the screen, how to fix it?

    Please reply, Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, BEG.

    Here is my display setting in the game:

    My monitor is 1920x1080 in resolution and there is only maximum resolution of 1024x768 available in the game but I really don't know why the screen was squeezed...

    I found NFS3 with your modern patch works perfectly (FullHD wide screen!) but not NFS4.

    Please help, Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, VEG.

    I removed everything and start the procedures all over again and now there is a 1600x1200 resolution available in the game (but still not 1920x1080 as appeared in NFS3...)

    Likewise, the game fully stretched the screen to 16:9 but squeezed everything! (NFS3 fully stretched the screen to 16:9 WITHOUT squeezing everything, PERFECT!)

    Please help, Thanks in advance.

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    VEG Author

    cagneter, widescreen support is not implemented for the NFS4 yet. Unfortunately, the project is temporarily suspended now. I still want to finish this project, but at this moment my job is more important. So, don't expect that it will be done soon.

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    Hi, VEG.

    I know, and I want to play the game with original 4:3 gaming aspect ratio instead. But why did it stretch the screen automatically and make everything squeezed!? I just tried to install the game on another machine (same monitor) and everything works fine and black areas reappeared, like this:

    So, is there any wrong parameters of registry?

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    VEG Author


    But why did it stretch the screen automatically and make everything squeezed!?

    The game itself doesn't stretch the view area. It's up to your GPU driver. Try to play with settings of your GPU, maybe it has a setting like "keep aspect ratio". Also some monitors have such setting.

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    Hi, VEG.


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    VEG Stands For Villainous Egotistical Gayfuck

    Really VEG? You collected $864 dollars and you suspended the project!!! What a con artist, you ripped everyone off! There is already a widescreen patch for this game anyways, so you took too damn long. Don't give me that "my job is more important" bullcrap. This is why I don't donate to anyone, because there is no binding contract and they can screw you over like this. It is 2018 VEG, when are you ACTUALLY going to work on this, instead of thinking about it?

    If anyone wants a WORKING widescreen hack, go here:

    I got this from Pcgamingwiki:

    But really VEG, you are such a manipulating liar. You should be charged with fraud and be put in jail where you belong. What a piece of filth. Go fuck yourself!

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    Hello there! I really love the work you di on the old NFS titles. Unfortunately I have an issue with this one. I can play once, but once I leave the game
    and try to boot it up, I get this message: "AMF=5 screen.c(563)". Do you know what can cause this error?

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    Oh I'm sorry, feeling quite stupid right now, the question was already answered above: disable triple buffer to solve issue. ^^

    For those who want less pixels and a better looking frame, I recommend going into your graphic card control panel and enable anti-aliasing and the likes, this smooths the picture up and gives it a better look.

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    Hey, first i want to say thank you for your hard work on patching these old games, seeing these old cars on these old tracks brings back so many memories,
    I have been using your NFS3 portable version for a few weeks now and its very nice, running the game on windows 98se with a 2.66ghz P4 1gb of ram aureal vortex 2 and a geforce4 ti 4400, it runs like a dream on that system, my monitor is a 5:4 ratio 1280x1024 75hz, i know the game has a 64 or 65 fps cap, but its very smooth on that system, now running the NFS4 portable version on the same machine, i cant set the resolution to 1280x1024, i think 1280x960 is the max, pretty sure that's 4:3 ratio, but the game still runs really well at that resolution and looks pretty good, I'm using dx8 thrash drivers, i cant get nglide to work on this system, it may be the card only supports DX8. Can you tell me if its possible to use these portable versions to modify with downloaded cars and tracks ?

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    VEG Author

    lilkuz2005, thank you for your feedback.

    Yes, my patch is compatible with other modifications of the game, so you can install custom cars, etc. Just put according files in proper directories of the game =)

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    VEG, thanks for the quick reply, and again thanks for your hard work on these patches, these work great under windows 98se