Thank you for your intention to support my projects.

Recognition Wall 2020 - ...

2021/03/14 Zatic (€40):
Thanks for the great work you did on NFS3 and NFS4 Modern Patches!

2021/02/18 Joshua Griffin (€10):
Need me some high stakes, newer games are awful.

2020/12/28 Peter Riedlberger (€5):
For SoundKeeper64 which makes my life a lot easier when learning Russian. The dialog pauses in the learning material meant that the first bit of every speaker's text was lacking, and I had to use an annoying work-around when doing my daily lessons (i. e. , using the analog outputs). Thank you very much!

2020/10/10 Maximilian Höhn (€8):
(Without a comment).

2020/08/05 Marko Tosevski (€10):
(Without a comment).

Recognition Wall 2010 - 2020

2016/11/25 Rider66 (₽10000 ≈ $154 for NFS4):
(Without a comment).

2016/10/17 OlK76 (€125 ≈ $137 for NFS4):
For a better NFS4 support.

2016/10/07 MADMAN_nfs ($100 for NFS4):
Thanks for all work you already put into your projects! Greetings from Germany.

2016/10/12 JimDiabolo ($100 for NFS4):
For the best NFS4 ever.

2017/02/12 paulanocom (₽5274 ≈ $90 for NFS3):
For a better NFS3 support.

2016/10/12 OlK76 (€80 ≈ $88 for NFS3):
For a better NFS3 support.

2016/10/19 Cooya! (₽3984 ≈ $63 for NFS4):
Thank you soooo much for fixing up NFS4! Rescuer - Where have you been all these years?!? ;)

2016/10/07 XJ220 (€50 ≈ $55 for NFS4):
Still hard to believe what you achieved, please keep it up!

2016/11/02 Freak-DS (₽3376 ≈ $52 for NFS4):
17 years old game and VEG brings the revolution. Thanks man.

2016/10/18 Tom.K ($50 for NFS3):
You're doing great with these projects. Keep improving them!

2017/02/14 Zpectre87 (₽2590 ≈ $45 for NFS4):
Thanks for your work on the classic NFS games. Now they're much easier to enjoy on modern PCs!

2016/10/15 Niko Franke (₽2720 ≈ $43 for NFS4):
NFS4 is the target for me, but I appreciate all your work.

2016/10/07 Remko ($40 for NFS4):
Thanks for expanding the limits of this game, and for listening to our input.

2016/10/18 Sr Lluny (€30 ≈ $33 for NFS4):
Keep up the good job. Thank you very much. I can play again my favourite game.

2016/12/20 beterhans (₽770 ≈ $12 for NFS3):
Thanks! You are awesome! And a little request from me, please check if it will take a lot effort or not. Can you make a key to switch camera on to AI police car in replay mode? :)

2016/10/29 Tesla ($10 for NFS3, $10 for NFS4):
Thank you for your hard work!

2016/10/07 Silent ($10 for NFS3, $5 for NFS4):
Thanks for the NFS3 and NFS4 patches.

2016/10/08 JimDiabolo ($10 for NFS3):
Your NFS3 work needs to be appreciated.

2016/10/09 Milan ($10 for NFS4):
Thanks for the patches man.

2016/10/12 Gustingorriz ($10 for NFS4):
Thanks for making NFS4 stronger than ever. Keep up the good work!

2016/11/05 Anonymous (₽484 ≈ $7 for NFS4):
(Without a comment).

2017/03/17 Anonymous (CA$9 ≈ $7 for SYXG50):
Thanks. Works great with foobar2000!

  1. #1

    Is the NSF4 Patch still coming? I see you had over 800 donated to it so you know it's the most requested one.

  2. #2
    VEG Author

    Collin, everything that listed in the NFS4 mandatory features list will be completed. I still have to finish refactoring of the thrash code in the NFS3, because I'm planing to port this code to the NFS4 also, and it will be easier to do as one big step.

  3. #3

    Veg, thank you for your reply and for your hard work. I have one more question. As of right now NFS4 looks HORRENDOUS because it doesn't have HD/Resolution support. Will it have the same NFS3 Features so it will be HD?

    Thank you for your hard work, I love it !

  4. #4

    HI VEG Did you received my donate?

  5. #5
    VEG Author

    Yes, it is listed under the name “beterhans”.

  6. #6

    I made a contribution of a 100 for NFS3, so that you now exceed the planned funding goal and can continue working on the Modern Patch for NFS3. Did you receive my contribution?

  7. #7
    VEG Author

    paulanocom, I'm trying to contact with my friend who owns the PayPal account to ask him about it, but he doesn't respond. Maybe he is on a business trip. I'll update the info when he reply me. I'm sorry for this delay.

    Work on the NFS3 and NFS4 patches will be continued. I'm planning to implement all things that I had promised to do.

  8. #8

    Any news from your friend who owns the PayPal account? Hopefully he did not run away with the money.

  9. #9
    VEG Author

    paulanocom, sorry for this horrible delay. Finally, I've received information about latest transfers. I've added it to the list. Thank you for your support. Everything what is listed on this page will be done.

  10. #10

    Do you have any links to what you currently have done on the NFS4 patch? I'm having troubles with the nglide renderer crashing (or rather, removing the window from existence and leaving the process running), and the DX8 renderer just crashes my whole system.

  11. #11

    Hi Veg!!

    How can i donate you from Chile? Im a big fan of NFS HS and i want to support your awesome work.

    Besides, i wish to know how goes your life, bacause the recently inactivity of this page since March...

  12. #12
    VEG Author

    Quecho, unfortunately, I can't accept donations using PayPal anymore =(
    I'm still working on the project. The last update was in May (NFS3 beta).
    Now I'm working on a new tool which will help me to do patches a bit easier.

  13. #13

    No more Paypal....that's sad....

    Is there some alternative to make you a donation? I really want you to continue with your projects....

    Can't wait to see something like this with your modern patch:

    Saludos desde Chile!!!

  14. #14

    Quecho, it may be for the best for you - there has been no news or updates over the past few months. Hopefully we will soon here about the new patching tool and updates

  15. #15

    Paypal donate is needed... I would send 20 for these NFS 3-4 game patches.

  16. #16

    Hello VEG. I'm another NFS fan and holy has this been inactive for a while. I hope you're still around, even if you have other commitments or not enough time at the moment I understand, just interested to see if you are still around to see this. Thanks for your hard work, have a good one.