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Recognition Wall 2020 - 2024

2022/07/10 - 2024/07/10 Adam Setzler (€5 x 25):
I set up a monthly 5 euro donation for your work on Sound Keeper. Keep it up, especially the Windows 11 issue. I can't believe the big boys aren't prioritizing this, so I'm glad you are!

2024/06/01 Michał Klos (€10):
Świetna robota z aplikacją Sound Keeper! Pozdrawiam serdeczenie.

2024/05/22 Grady Preston (€10):
Without a comment.

2024/05/18 Daniel Sandoval (€10):
Without a comment.

2022/12/13 - 2024/05/13 Cai Strickland (€5 x 18):
Without a comment.

2024/04/08 Houston Millsap (€10):
Without a comment.

2024/03/26 Nathan Levandowski (€33):
Sound Keeper perfectly fixed the audio cut out issue on my Vizio SB36512-F6 soundbar. Thanks!

2024/03/26 Anonymous (€5):
Thanks for Soundkeeper. It's exactly the program I needed for m PC-TV setup.

2024/03/07 Noah Clark (€10):
it's thanks to developers like you that one can find a solution to pretty much any problem in windows. this little program fixed the delay, and sometimes hissing/static that happened any time audio playback resumed after stopping. thank you so much!

2024/02/24 Andrew Smith (€10):
Thank you so much for Sound Keeper! My new PC had horrible popping noises every time a sound played. After a lot of trial and error I realised that it must be the audio driver going to sleep, and that led me to Sound Keeper. No more popping! :-)

2024/01/16 Alexis (€50):
I second judovana's request. 7 years ago you raised $500 for the 1. 0 NFS4 patch. There are more important things in life, 100%. We stand on the shoulders of giants, building upon what others made. Please consider being a giant. I salute you, sir.

2024/01/12 judovana (€20):
please, put the nfs patch sources and instructions to gitlab/github. It is incredible piece of work. j.

2023/12/10 Niels van Tilburg (€5):
Without a comment.

2023/09/22 Marko Tosevski (€10):
As a thanks for making the NFS 3 patch.

2023/08/06 Ronny Jurk (€5):
Danke für den Patch für NFS3! Thanks! Nice Work!

2023/05/17 James Post (€10):
Soundkeeper is a lifesaver for those of us who connect our PCs to AV receivers. Thank you!

2023/01/07 Martin Gronemann (€10):
Because you made it possible to play classic NFS 3.

2022/12/25 Georg Claude (€10):
Thanks for Sound Keeper.

2022/08/03 Marko Tosevski (€10):
Without a comment.

2022/05/16 Matt London (€5):
Thanks for Sound Keeper.

2022/04/29 Joerg Neisser (€5):
Since owning a new graphics card, the sound over HDMI to my Onkyo receiver stops playing, cutting off the first second after each pause watching TV shows. This was BEYOND annoying and thanks to your program it is a thing of the past. THANK YOU!

2022/03/13 Immo Stahl (€5):
Without a comment.

2022/02/21 Zach Rosenberger (€8):
Thank you for your work on the Need for Speed 3 Modern Patch!

2022/02/02 Chris Hinton (€5):
Thanks for soundkeeper - still working well to stop pop-in issues on HDMI devices as it was back when I used optical out with an older speaker system.

2022/01/16 Dirnberger A&R (€10):
Thanks for Soundkeeper. It improves my Heos soundbar by 100%.

2022/01/05 Francois Champagne (€5):
Thanks for SoundKeeper. This should be built into Windows already but it's not, and you fixed it.

2021/11/30 Peter Schmidt (€50):
Big thx to made the game from 1998 alive, this nfs3 works on windows 11 Pro too. Special Thanks to Evgenij, he was spending so many time for this patch. My children playing this on a big screen tv.

2021/11/29 Andreas Stark (€5):
Need for Speed 3: Great Work works even with Windows 10 now. I'm going to play it with my son!

2021/10/27 Yongxiang Chen (€50):
Without a comment.

2021/10/18 Johannes Lang (€15):
Thanks for your work (NFSIII modern patch)!

2021/09/14 Sebastian Bauhaus (€5):
Thank you, VEG :-) (for the NFS4 Modern Patch)

2021/09/13 Piotr Pawłowski (€50):
For NFS3+NFS4 patches :)

2021/08/05 Christian (€10):
Please add 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios.

2021/08/03 Marko Tosevski (€6):
Without a comment.

2021/05/13 Heiko Peters (€5):
Thanks for the Sound Keeper!

2021/04/22 Joseph Panzner (€20):
SoundKeeper is an amazing program and I'm so glad I discovered it. I use PowerPoint to make fun games and the sound effects were constantly getting cut off due to the audio going to sleep every few seconds. Thank you!

2021/03/14 Zatic (€40):
Thanks for the great work you did on NFS3 and NFS4 Modern Patches!

2021/02/18 Joshua Griffin (€10):
Need me some high stakes, newer games are awful.

2020/12/28 Peter Riedlberger (€5):
For SoundKeeper64 which makes my life a lot easier when learning Russian. The dialog pauses in the learning material meant that the first bit of every speaker's text was lacking, and I had to use an annoying work-around when doing my daily lessons (i. e. , using the analog outputs). Thank you very much!

2020/10/10 Maximilian Höhn (€8):
Without a comment.

2020/08/05 Marko Tosevski (€10):
Without a comment.

Recognition Wall 2016 - 2019

2016/11/25 Rider66 (₽10000 ≈ $154 for NFS4):
Without a comment.

2016/10/17 OlK76 (€125 ≈ $137 for NFS4):
For a better NFS4 support.

2016/10/07 MADMAN_nfs ($100 for NFS4):
Thanks for all work you already put into your projects! Greetings from Germany.

2016/10/12 JimDiabolo ($100 for NFS4):
For the best NFS4 ever.

2017/02/12 paulanocom (₽5274 ≈ $90 for NFS3):
For a better NFS3 support.

2016/10/12 OlK76 (€80 ≈ $88 for NFS3):
For a better NFS3 support.

2016/10/19 Cooya! (₽3984 ≈ $63 for NFS4):
Thank you soooo much for fixing up NFS4! Rescuer - Where have you been all these years?!? ;)

2016/10/07 XJ220 (€50 ≈ $55 for NFS4):
Still hard to believe what you achieved, please keep it up!

2016/11/02 Freak-DS (₽3376 ≈ $52 for NFS4):
17 years old game and VEG brings the revolution. Thanks man.

2016/10/18 Tom.K ($50 for NFS3):
You're doing great with these projects. Keep improving them!

2017/02/14 Zpectre87 (₽2590 ≈ $45 for NFS4):
Thanks for your work on the classic NFS games. Now they're much easier to enjoy on modern PCs!

2016/10/15 Niko Franke (₽2720 ≈ $43 for NFS4):
NFS4 is the target for me, but I appreciate all your work.

2016/10/07 Remko ($40 for NFS4):
Thanks for expanding the limits of this game, and for listening to our input.

2016/10/18 Sr Lluny (€30 ≈ $33 for NFS4):
Keep up the good job. Thank you very much. I can play again my favourite game.

2016/12/20 beterhans (₽770 ≈ $12 for NFS3):
Thanks! You are awesome! And a little request from me, please check if it will take a lot effort or not. Can you make a key to switch camera on to AI police car in replay mode? :)

2016/10/29 Tesla ($10 for NFS3, $10 for NFS4):
Thank you for your hard work!

2016/10/07 Silent ($10 for NFS3, $5 for NFS4):
Thanks for the NFS3 and NFS4 patches.

2016/10/08 JimDiabolo ($10 for NFS3):
Your NFS3 work needs to be appreciated.

2016/10/09 Milan ($10 for NFS4):
Thanks for the patches man.

2016/10/12 Gustingorriz ($10 for NFS4):
Thanks for making NFS4 stronger than ever. Keep up the good work!

2016/11/05 Anonymous (₽484 ≈ $7 for NFS4):
Without a comment.

2017/03/17 Anonymous (CA$9 ≈ $7 for SYXG50):
Thanks. Works great with foobar2000!