Yamaha S-YXG50 Portable VSTi v1.0.0 [2016/04/25] (a software MIDI synth)

A software MIDI synthesizer for Windows, which functions as a VSTi plugin. Supports both the Yamaha XG and the Roland GS extensions, which is a unique feature of the S-YXG50. It is based on the trial version from the Yamaha SOL2 package. The full version of this VSTi had never been released, because Yamaha had decided to discontinue support of all its software synthesizers in 2003. Fortunately, the trial version have a full version of the S-YXG50 engine, so it is possible to remove the trial restrictions to get a full version. In addition to the removed trial restrictions this patch adds the portability (installation and registry keys are not needed), also it uses embedded into the DLL resources the 4MB official wavetable files, which is the best version of wavetable files for the S-YXG50.

Download: yamaha_syxg50_vsti.7z (3.0MB).

What's new in this patch

  • Installation isn't required. SYXG50.DLL reads files from the own directory.
  • Wavetable files are decrypted and stored in the resources of the DLL file.
  • If you remove them from the resources, VSTi will find them in the own directory (SXGBIN41.TBL, SXGWAVE4.TBL).
  • Antidebug, S/N checking and trial mode code is removed.
  • Hidden settings are read from the ini file with the same name as the dll file, but with the ini extension.
  • Polyphony limit is 128 by default.
  • More frequent updates of information in the GUI.
  • Help button will be hidden if SYXG.CHM is not present.
  • VST meta information is stored in the resources (String Table), so it can be changed easily if it is needed.
  • GUI can be disabled and GUI resources can be removed, as the result this VSTi will work as the SGP.DLL.

How to use

You have to set up some VST host to play MIDI using this synth. It can be your favorite player, but you need to find a plugin, which allows to play MIDI files through VSTi. Some instructions are provided below. Use the bi2_polkovnik.mid (35KB) for checking your setup, it has to sound exactly as the bi2_polkovnik_syxg50.ogg (2.0MB).

VST MIDI Driver (as a system MIDI synth)

VST MIDI Driver allows to use any VSTi as a global system MIDI synth. In this case every game or MIDI player, which uses the default system MIDI synth, will use Yamaha S-YXG50.

  1. Download and install the VST MIDI Driver.
  2. Copy the syxg50.dll from the yamaha_syxg50_vsti.7z into any directory.
  3. Open VST MIDI Driver settings, click “Load VSTi” button and choose syxg50.dll.
  4. In the Advanced tab choose “VST MIDI synth” as the default MIDI synth.
  5. Ready! Now Yamaha S-YXG50 VSTi will be used as the default system MIDI synth.

Yamaha S-YXG50 WDM (an official driver for the Windows XP only)

VST MIDI Driver supports Windows XP/Vista/7+, but on the Windows XP it is better to use the official Yamaha S-YXG50 WDM driver, which you can download from the Microsoft Windows Update servers: 4MB version (better quality, consumes more RAM), 2MB version (worse quality, consumes less RAM). This WDM driver can be installed manually using Add Hardware master in the Control Panel. Don't forget to set Yamaha S-YXG50 as the default system MIDI synth in the Sound settings. VSTi version of this synth is not needed when Yamaha S-YXG50 WDM is used.

foobar2000 (the best player for ones who loves music)

foobar2000 doesn't use the system MIDI synth, but it is not a disadvantage. It allows to use Yamaha S-YXG50 VSTi witout installing any system drivers, which is much more safe.

  1. Download and install the foo_midi plugin from the foobar2000 website.
  2. Create a new subdirectory in the foobar2000 directory and name it “vsti”. Copy the syxg50.dll from the yamaha_syxg50_vsti.7z into that directory.
  3. Open foobar2000, Preferences → Advanced → Playback → MIDI Decoder → VSTi search patch, and set the full path to your vsti subdirectory. Apply changes and reopen the Preferences window.
  4. Preferences → Playback → Input → MIDI synthesizer host. Choose “Yamaha S-YXG50” in the “plug-in” combobox. Apply changes.
  5. Ready! Now foobar2000 will play MIDI files using the Yamaha S-YXG50 synth.


  1. #101

    Hi, I have a recommendation. I think you should list 'FSMP+ your S-YXG50 plugin' special package as an alternative solution on your site and in the readme since currently (as I see now) this solution is arguably less problematic than your current recommendations:
    1.For simple MIDI file splaying it's configuration free. The user has to just download the package, no installation required at all, start MidiPlayer.exe and it's loaded with your example midi file for testing (bi2_polkovnik.mid) and your plugin loaded in its full glory (in full interactive mode unlike in foobar).
    2. It can be also used as a more problem free driver solution that supports both x86 and x64 programs.
    3. It does not have the nasty problem of VS Midi driver with midi /karaoke players that also use the basss/bassmidi libraries
    (I think you remember this problem from Vogons: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=47840&start=20#p613580)
    4. Overall well tuned for your XG plugin:
    full SysEx reset support: both GS/XG + GM, proper instrument names on both melodic and drum channels, support for XG Capital Tone Fallback etc.

    I have made a new package with your readme file included in VST folder:
    It can be hosted on both of our sites, or on just mine and you only linked it, I'm open for any solutions.
    What do you think?

    @cs127 and also @VEG:
    You can also try this solution. If you want to use Veg's plugin on Windows 10 as a system wide solution you need thees thing:
    FSMP + syxg50 preconfigured package: http://falcosoft.hu/midiplayer_syxg50.zip
    A software Midi Cable such as LoopMidi or Loopbe:
    Coolsoft Midi Mapper to set the default Midi out on Windows 10 (it is required also in case of VST Midi driver).

    1. Insatall LoopMidi, add a virtual Midi Port and give it a name (e.g. FSMP) and set it to start with Windows (right click context menu on the system tray)
    2. In Coolsoft Midi Mapper set the added Virtual Midi port as the default Midi out port for Windows.
    3. Start Midiplayer.exe and in Device Setting Dialog choose the Virtual Midi port as active Midi in port.
    4. in MidiPlayer's main menu set 'Start with Windows (System Tray)' .
    Now you are done. All x86/x64 software should use syxg50 for Midi music even after restart.

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    VEG Author

    VST MIDI Driver is downloadable again from the kode54's home page (the latest build is from 2018/11/08).

    Falcosoft, let it be the first comment on this page, at list for now. I'll review the text of the page later, to add your way as an alternative.

  3. #103

    that was perfect.
    First of all, my English is not good. I have used Google Translator.
    Hi, you changed our world. I hope your world will be better.
    This software was really good with the YXG voice bank. You have revived my memories.
      Still YXG's abilities have not been shown to all people.
    It's very good if all YXG functionality can be used.
    It was almost like the original YXG sound. But does it have all the facilities?
    A yamaha soft synthesizer or SF2 or VST with all its capabilities. i mean the following parameters: syx, rpn, ntpn, cc, pg, msn, lsb, ... ?
    Thank you for your great and exact work
    Thank you for providing this software.
    And also because you read this text with patience and care.