Need For Speed 4 Modern Patch v0.1.0 [2016/05/11] (Portable)

A patch for the Need For Speed 4: High Stakes. This is a side project of the Need For Speed III Modern Patch. Currently, it has a small amount of fixes. The key features of this patch are portability (no more registry!) and high poly cars support (it is useful for modding). There is still no widescreen resolutions support.

How to install

  1. Copy DATA and SAVEDATA directories from the NFS4 CD to a new empty directory.
  2. Extract contents of the nfs4_modern_patch.7z (1.2MB) into that directory with replacement of files.
  3. Done!

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Plans: Milestone 1 (Full Widescreen Support)

Goal: $500.
Collected: $864 (the surplus will be moved to the next milestone).
Status: suspended.

Mandatory set of features:

  • Refactoring of the thrash init and get resolutions list code. It have to solve some compatibility problems with D3D renderers.
  • Widescreen resolutions support for the gameplay. It will be possible to choose it from the graphics settings in a general way.
  • Proper handling of all aspect ratios (from 5:4 to 16:9, inclusive 4:3 and 16:10). HUD will be adopted automatically for every supported resolution.
  • Better modding abilities. AllowHugeTextures setting support, which will allow to use textures up to 2048×2048.
  • Patching of the voodoo2a.dll to add an ability to use widescreen resolutions (a Glide API extension, by default only d3da.dll can use widescreen resolutions).
  • 32bpp support in the voodoo2a.dll (another Glide API extension).
  • Huge textures support in the voodoo2a.dll (and again, it's also a Glide API extension).

It is planned to release v1.0.0 when these features will be done and they will be stable. I'm planning to include some other nice features into the first release, but the list is not predefined. For example, I'll try to remove effect limitations in the menu for the D3D renderers.

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    Old School player 17yrs now

    Hi Mr.Veg I don't have Zip7 or whatever it is I just have WinZip an RaR'' extractor. Then I get yellow errors an most your files come as, 0 kilobytes? So is that wrong then? How can Nfs4Hs see your files, use them if there in another folder directory? Do I put the folder in the main nfs4 directory then? Hope you'll reply sooner. Thanks much for all you have done here. )

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    Old School player 17yrs now

    I ment Mr.Evgeny, excuse me.

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    VEG Author

    Use 7-zip to extract the archive. You can download it here:
    Also please read “How to install” section. You need just an NFS4 CD and this patch to install the game.
    VEG is my nickname, so you can use it also.

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    VEG, could you please check your mail.

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    I can't set wide-screen resolutions in-game and nGlide resolution will not get applied.
    And I wish the camera position behind the cars would be the same like in NFS 3, which is much lower there.

    Thanks for the patch. NFS 4 is one of my favorite after Porsche Unleashed.

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that the car chrome in NFS 4 is too much. Would be nice to have a slider like in NFS 3 where you can change the intensity.

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    Tuurngait, If you want widescreen you must wait for VEG to implement it or do the next:

    1. Install the game
    2. Install VEG's NFS 4 patch
    3. Download this patch:
    4. From the patch that you just downloaded unpack files "voodoo2a.dll" and "nfshs-widescreen.ini" to where you installed NFS4\drivers\nglide
    5. Now in the same folder open file "thrash.ini" and add your resolution to nglide resolution=1920x1080 or any other
    6. Save the changes and start the game

    This solution is far from but it will have to to until VEG implement proper widescreen in patch.

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    @Tuurngait: The cameraposition behind the car can be adjusted from the carp.txt of a car.The following text is taken from Justin Martins carp.txt tutorial.


    Camera Arm - The Camera Arm controls the angle of the Heli Cam view. In general, keep this to 0.25,
    but if you want to play around with it, keep it this number below 10.0. For cars that you are going to
    release, please, for the sake of humanity, keep this below 1.0.

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    This patch works like a charm!
    But I've encountered a problem. If I add a car (official or custom), the game crashes instantly with this error message:

    EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: read attempted @0x00000008
    CS=00000023 DS=0000002B ES=0000002B FS=00000053 GS=0000002B
    EDI=0018F938 ESI=005944DC EAX=00000000 EBX=0018F920 ECX=0018F928 EDX=00000000
    Eip=00510943 Ebp=0018F72C Esp=0018F710 SS=0000002B

    I've successfully added the same cars in another computer with the game installed, and that works with no problems. So I have no idea what causes it.

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    @James: Which cars you tried to add? When exactly does the game crash, on launching or when you load a race? What renderer are you using?


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    Right now I'm trying to add: Jaguar XJR-15, Lister Storm and 360 Modena (all official downloads).
    The game crashes as soon as I load the game, screen goes black and returns to desktop (so the menu doesn't even show up before it crashes).
    I normally use nGlide, but I tried all renders. glide3x gives the following error: "AMF=16 platform.c(310)"
    Serial numbers doesn't conflict (well, it is official downloads after all).

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    hm, but without mods its working on that computer? Strange.
    What OS are you using? Does the game run with JimD's Stock Pack?

    ...for the lack of other ideas:
    Try to delete the config.dat file in SaveData folder.
    Try to remove every write protection/access restriction from NFS4 directories.
    Try using the default menu files.
    Try to reinstall/copy everything again.

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    Alright it's working now, clearly, I messed up a simple thing.

    I ran the auto extractor again for the XJR and it created a folder named 0000 in the Savedata/Cars folder. What I should've done is to NOT move the folder from that and into the Data/Cars and rename it to JXJR. But I am 90% sure I did that in the past with no errors.

    Anyhow, thanks for helping me out!
    Take care!

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    mauricio chacon

    wow, amazing work, thank, nfs4 has been a apin always to run

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    When using nglide the options for fog and perspective are not available in menu with v0.1.0; Why?
    With the alpha version of the NFS4 modern patch, fog was working perfectly with nglide.

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    VEG Author

    MADMAN, probably, you had changed .\drivers\nglide\thrash.ini. There is have to be FogSupport=1.

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    Yeah, that was the issue. I have added the line FogSupport=1.
    Thanks Veg.

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    NFS High Stakes Fan

    Can this be used with the Expansion Pack and the Stock Pack? Because I think that they will conflict with each other. Should I upgrade to the recent patch of 4.50?

    Here is the guide I am using here:

    Any help will be appreciated, and I hope you will finish this awesome patch.

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    VEG Author

    NFS High Stakes Fan, I've not tested it with EP or SP. I'm developing patches for the original versions of games. But I think that it can be mixed with EP / SP. Keep in mind that Modern Patch doesn't include the No Collision patch for multiplayer network games. This No Collision patch has some unexpected side effects, so I had not included it in my patch. Maybe some day I'll add a better No Collision feature.

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    NFS High Stakes Fan

    Cool! I think it will work with the EP and SP because PcGamingWiki shows that you can install them together here:

    Just wanted to clarify just in case. It is really awesome that you are doing all of this, so any word on the progress of the NFS High Stakes patch? I can't wait until it is finished!

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    I've been testing the modern patch and works like a charm, and I'd like to say THANKS VERY MUCH to Veg for his awesome work. He just fullfilled the dream of lots of NFS HS lovers and modders. I hope that this patch is only the beginning!

    After the "non-install" and some modding my game crashed in two points, so I'm posting them to make sure I havent forgotten anything:

    1 - Are we still capped in n Hot Pursuit mode? I've replaced in EAs Pursuit M5 with a ported NFSHP2 version (About 7000 polies). Game crashed since the beginning of the loading screen. This is very important for me because I play classic HP in 80% of the cases
    2 - A minor issue: Using nGlide I can race in HD Landstrasse made by MADMAN with a full grid of Martin Leps' Ferrari F50 (Over 9000 polies), BUT if I switch from nGlide to dgvoodoo, the same race makes the game return to main menu

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    VEG Author

    1. I've not added any special cases for different modes. Maybe your car model is problematic itself.
    2. Try to increase memory limit for the dgVoodoo using its configuration utility.

  23. #24

    Totally solved VEG. Thanks, and sorry for double posting!

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    VEG, can you please add the files from the official EA patch 4.5 to your NFS 4 modern patch archive to have a full setup? Because otherwise people have to find a download for the old EA patch first before applying your modern patch. Or is it already integrated?

    And what about to fix SingleProcAffinity in the exe instead in the nfs4.ini?

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    VEG Author

    Tuurngait, this patch is based on the v4.5. All files are here.

    SingleProcAffinity is an option. This option supported by the exe, it's a feature of the patch. You may enable or disable it from the ini file. It is enabled by default because it improves stability of the NFS4. Maybe some day it will not be needed, and it will be disabled by default. But it needs to find the code which causes deadlocks when SingleProcAffinity is off. Easy to say, but very hard to fix, so no any promises.

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    Okay, I just thought because in NFS 3 it is disabled in the ini by default. You said it is already fixed in the exe so no more option in the ini needed and it's recommended to let it disabled there.

    And what about the official EA 4.50 patch? Is it already integrated in your patch? Or required to install first?

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    VEG Author

    And what about the official EA 4.50 patch? Is it already integrated in your patch? Or required to install first?

    Tuurngait, this patch is based on the v4.5. All files are here.

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    Okay, great. I tested it, but how can I set widescreen resolutions in the game? I tried dx7 and nglide in the ini.

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    VEG Author

    Okay, great. I tested it, but how can I set widescreen resolutions in the game? I tried dx7 and nglide in the ini.

    NFS4 still doesn't support it. It will be developed, but before it I'm planning to refactor the thrash init code of the NFS3 and NFS4.
    I'll write about it when it will be implemented.

    It seems that I was wrong with the estimated time-frame. But it will be implemented as it was promised, even if it will require more time.

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    Thank you, VEG. You are a hero. Who would bring our fantastic childhood games back to life without you?

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    Thank you so much for this Patch, i just found back my Childhood, NFS 3 was the first Racing game ever i played and i played it every day for months. And now in HD and Fullscreen on my Gaming Laptop with WIn 8.1, this takes me back in Time, i really love you bro and every time i can i will contribute some money to you for this wonderful piece of work. Keep on.

    After having some problems at start because i just didnt understand how to install your Patches, its now working like a charme. Cant wait for your HD Version for NFS 4 so i can Play in Fullscreen!

    For some of you who dont understand how to install VEG's patches, here is my tutorial how to install these beautiful patches, i hope you guys will understand it and it will work on your PC. I just tried it out and works perfectly.

    i cannot give guarantee for proper work, but this is the way i can run these games now in fast and high 3D settings grafics with full use of my NVIDIA 870m GPU (Laptop) I dont know if i made some mistakes, then just tell me please, i just see now that the games are proper working in beautiful graphics and without Bugs or Crashes.

    ( 1. Bought both used Games Original CDs, NFS 3 and 4...)
    Installing of Games in tow folders each NFS3 and NFS4

    NFS 4 normal full installation to the HDD
    NFS 3: i installed with this installer app:
    For all Users of Vista or above, just insert your CD, wait shortly, and start the Installer when it has recognised your CD / Image. After that, complete following steps:

    Opened VEG Patch File and now i just replaced the files in the NFS Folders with his files, that easy!
    But be careful at 2 Points, its the same way for both games:

    first, you have to go throug the original NFS installed Folders to replace exactly these files VEG has modified, DO NOT be lazy and just copy the files in his ZIP directly to NFS folder because then it will replace the original folders and DELETE all other files VEG has not put into his ZIP ( Then the game doesnt start anymore because Data is missing! ) you have to go in each folder and replace exatly the data VEG has in his ZIP

    at second, in NFS 4 it doesnt work for me at first. Because in my German Version, the .exe Data in NFS 4 Folder have other names then VEG`s files. But its easy, just rename VEG`s files (For me, i renamed 2 Files vom VEG`s zip from as example " nsf4.exe" into "nfshs.exe" ) and then replacethe files, i think have another Game Version then VEG. And watch out for Configuration Text file (INI File) because of your langugage, VEG`s files put the game in to ENglisch language, for me i just opened the file, changed "english" to" german" , saved it and now its working without any problems, it even starts with a german intro Picture now ( another Logo with "need for speed - Brennender Asphalt", the official german adaption of "High Stakes")

    I hope i could help somebody, i know there perhaps will be some ridicoulous mistakes in my Installing Steps and even some Steps that are really dumb and not necessary, but as i said, it is now just working and i am very happy about that, playing NFS 3 the whole evening!!
    best regards

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    Hello NFS34
    I guess you faced the same question as mine, misunderstand VEG's readme file.

    I though it was a patch. so I installed game then apply the patch
    and I found out it won't work.

    Then I read the readme file over and over. I couldn't figure out what's this empty folder do.
    and one day I finally understand

    VEG do not want you to install the game and patch!
    He want you to uninstall the game! first! (he didn't say that)
    make a new folder for the game (he called a empty folder)
    copy files from CD
    copy files from patch
    NO Installation is required!

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    Micah Hutcherson

    I am getting a message when trying to use the NFS 4 Modern Patch when loading hometown and halfway through I get a message that
    saysAMF=50 copter.c(299) and I'm not sure what is causing this message to appear

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    How is the NFS4 Patch coming a long? Is it still being worked on?

  35. #36

    When I add more than 50 cars, game crashes instantly with this error message:

    EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: read attempted @0x00000008
    CS=00000023 DS=0000002B ES=0000002B FS=00000053 GS=0000002B
    EDI=0018F938 ESI=005944DC EAX=00000000 EBX=0018F920 ECX=0018F928 EDX=00000000
    Eip=00510943 Ebp=0018F72C Esp=0018F710 SS=0000002B

    What car limit in this games? How match cars I can install in it?

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    VEG Author

    borissuworov, yes, 50 cars is the limit of this game.

  37. #38

    Do you have any links to what you currently have done on the NFS4 patch? I'm having troubles with the nglide renderer crashing (or rather, removing the window from existence and leaving the process running), and the DX8 renderer just crashes my whole system.

  38. #39

    Will be an update to enable high resolutions like with NFS3 modern patch?

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    VEG Author

    disconnect, it is planned.

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    Hi, I want to install all official addon cars (360 modena, db7, etc.) but the problem is that they come with a .exe self-extractor file that when I open it it just says 'Cant find nfs 4 installation' and I cant install them. Thanks.

  41. #42


    Have your tried running the *.exe files with windows 98 Compatibility and admin priviledge?

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    VEG Author

    morgan, you need all registry keys which installer of the NFS4 create. This patch is portable, so these registry keys are not used by the game itself, but installers of cars use these registry keys to find where the game is installed. I recommend you to find extracted files of these cars and put them to the game directory without an installer. Or you can temporarily install the game using the installer, and then install the cars, then copy these cars to your current version of the game with Modern Patch (or you can update to Modern Patch your installed copy of the game).

    BoxCarRacer, it is not a good idea. All my patches will work better without any additional compatibility flags.

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    Nearly 1 1/2 years later and still no FULL working patch for NFS4. How long is this going to take. I come back and check every day. All I want is you to do for NFS4 what you did for NFS3. Come on dude, please. Start a kickstarter fund page if you have to, I will donate. NFS4 is the best need for speed ever. Can you please give us an update on the state of the project.....

  44. #45

    Good Point Paul! i'm checking every now and then and nothing. like 1 year

  45. #46

    Veg has done an amazing job of NFS3. I have noticed that a lot of people have already donated to his NFS4 project, yet over a year later and nothing has really moved forward. Veg, can you please give us an update and work on NFS4. I know you probably have family life , college or a daily job, but we really are wanting NFS4 to come out and be playable like the good old days. Thankyou for all your hard work we all appreciate it.

  46. #47

    Hmm, no reply after one week. He is either busy making our dreams come true or another abandoned net project........

  47. #48

    Came back to check the website, wondering if any updates or anything , nothing. Not a thing. Was hoping someone would of said something or Veg might of commented but nothing. Oh well, guess its back to Test Drive Unlimited 2 for me and Forza H 3. See ya guys...............

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    Paul, be patient if you can the patch will be done but with huge delay because if you ask me VEG is doing it the wrong way. The way he choose to do it makes sense but it's taking too damn long and he breached the deadline that he himself set long time ago. I hope that he will change his priorities and focus on NFS4 patch cause most people made donations for that patch and not for NFS3 and that other tool that he is developing. If he was focused from the beginning on NFS4 he could finished it by now. All we can do now it's to wait.

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    VEG Author

    Guys, I'm here. I'll write soon about the state of the project. I hope, this weekend. The text will be quite big, so I need some time.

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