Unchained Nostalgia v1.3.1 [2016/10/14] (a NES/Famicom/Dendy demo)

NES demo based on the pirate multicart with a romantic storyline and the Unchained Melody in the menu. You have to use a NES emulator (e.g. Nestopia) to run this demo. Also this archive includes Unchained Melody in the NSF and NSFe formats. You can play it, for example, using the foobar2000 with the Game Emu Player plugin. NSFe format is preferable because it contains more meta information and track length, which is not possible in the obsolete format NSF. It means, that playing NSFe melody correctly ends in time, unlike NSF.

Download: unchained_nostalgia.zip (20KB). Source code →

Let's watch it!

What's done?

  • Based on the Super HIK 300-in-1.
  • Added moving clouds and stars, now all slides are unique and there is no duplicates that differ only in palette.
  • Added 2 new slides to match the music, minor changes in the original slides.
  • Added fading effect (slow when starting, very fast when switching slides).
  • Automatic adjustment of speed and pitch of sound on NTSC and PAL systems, it will always work like on the Dendy.
  • Automatic switching of slides in time with the music (on each 4th drum stroke). Press any key do disable this mode. Press Start to enable it again.
  • If you hold any arrow key, slides will be changed in time with the music (on every drum stroke) in chosen direction.
  • The secret mode of the Universe control (but don't tell about it to your psychiatrist).
  • The super secret mode of proud birdie with special effects from the legendary Michael Bay.
  • And some other secret features =)

Comparison of the HIK 300-in-1, v1.0 and v1.3

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  1. VEG Post author

    Unchained Nostalgia v1.3.1 is released. Corrected v1.3.0 regression causing floating tempo of the music on accurate emulators and real hardware.