SPDIF/HDMI Sound Keeper v1.0.2 [2017/12/23]

Prevents SPDIF/HDMI digital playback devices from falling asleep. Uses WASAPI, requires Windows 7+. To close the program, just mute the Sound Keeper in the Volume Mixer or simply kill the soundkeeper.exe process. If you don't like to run it manually after every system reboot, copy soundkeeper.exe to the startup subdirectory (to open it, press Win+R, enter "shell:startup", and press Enter).

Download: soundkeeper.zip (19KB). Source code →


  • Sound Keeper is fully automatic and doesn't require any user interaction.
  • Sound Keeper can keep sound on many digital sound outputs simultaneously (e.g. SPDIF and HDMI).
  • Sound Keeper detects new digital sound outputs on the fly (e.g. when you connected TV via HDMI).

Sound Keeper vs. SPDIF Keep Alive vs. SPDIF-KA

Sound Keeper v1.0 SPDIF Keep Alive v1.2 SPDIF-KA v1.4
Fully automatic: Yes No No
Multiple outputs: Yes No No
GUI: No Yes Yes
Requires .NET: No Yes Yes
Executable size: 17KB 668KB 163KB
CPU usage (on Intel Core i5 4460): 0.004% 0.06% 0.06%
RAM usage (Private Working Set): 1636KB 13704KB 10600KB
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    Excellent program! Unfortunately sending silense doesn't work with some receivers that treat it as end of stream. Is it possible to send inaudible wave instead like spdifka does?

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    VEG Author

    NK, I plan to add this feature. But it should be optional, so I need to add GUI with possibility to select different modes for different outputs, and it requires some time to create. Currently, I have a lot of work at work, so I can't tell when I'll add this feature to this program.

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    Right. Thank you for your work and for sharing!