Need For Speed III Modern Patch v1.3.1

A small update of the Need For Speed III Modern Patch.

  • Windows 98/Me support (it's recommended to use DX6 thrash driver with these OSes).
  • Better handling of running the game alternately on different displays with different maximum resolutions.
  • A couple of insignificant optimizations.

You can find more information about this project on this page.


  1. daniel

    Cool. Super work.
    What is the recommend wrapper to play the game? nglide vs Dx?
    I tested a bit and saw that whatever way i play the loading screen for the race has wrong aspect ratin and i had chosen a wide screen res. Fog does work in dx 8.
    Again impressive effort.

  2. VEG Post author

    daniel, I think that nglide will be a little bit better in most cases.

  3. daniel

    I've played a little more with this patch and saw that somehow the handling ot the cars are bit changed.

    Can you make a release with only the changes(wheels not moving, better view distance, alt tab support, multi core support etc, no changes to cars, handling, textures, etc) regarding only the game?
    No changes for the new drivers?.I play only with ngilde wrrapper from Zeus.
    I would love to have the stock game to have the fixes that affect gameplay and only this. Call me old fashion.


  4. VEG Post author

    daniel, there are no any gameplay changes. All cars have to behave exactly like they behave in the original version of this game. Probably, you've changed some options in the Tuning menu? Also it might be the placebo effect.

    And again, there is no any gameplay changes. Modern Patch is fully compatible with the original NFS3, so you can even connect to multiplayer games with people who are not using Modern Patch. See readme file. It describes all changes.

    Use nglide driver from patch's archive. It includes own version of glide3x.dll, so if you've installed nGlide wrapper, it will not be used.

  5. daniel

    Cool. I really like what have you done. Like you i play the game since childhood. ;)

    Now while playing the game with nglide i've noticed that the wheels of the other cars in the 1st person mode, in the mirror, are not spinning. I dont know if this happens every time, but i surely seen it twice.

    Also i'am thinking, i like to play the game 4k res. But for doing that i must set Resolution=1(avoid loading screen 4:3 aspect ratio) and in Nvidia CP i need to set the 4k res.(DSR or normal 4k res).
    I am wondering if you cand make a new setting for the game to use, related to the resolution i want to use, so that it can override the desktop res? So that we can skip setting the desktop res to 4k? Somehow what the ngilde wrapper is doing where i set the res i wanr to use.


  6. VEG Post author

    Hm. I've never noticed that wheels in the mirror are not spinning :) The mirror uses medium quality models, so non-spinning wheels are ok. It needs additional investigation to change this behavior.

    Patched version of the game have to allow setting any resolution with aspect ratio from 16:9 to 5:4. It affects gameplay only. The main menu always works in 640×480 and it is very hard to fix. Resolution=1 in thrash.ini simply stretches menu to your desktop resolution, so the result may have abnormal proportions or some other artifacts.

  7. daniel

    If i go to into settings i can only see 1600x1200 max resolution, with nglide. That's why i am trying to play at hightest possible resoltuion. I didnt not see any abnormal proportions or some other artifacts while playing with nglide wrapper from Zeus at 4k.

  8. VEG Post author

    Are you using glide3x.dll from the Modern Patch's archive? glide3x.dll from nGlide 1.04.0 bundle doesn't support widescreen and big resolutions. Modern Patch includes special version of nGlide (1.04.3) with extended API (according to screen resolutions).
    If you are using glide3x.dll from Modern Patch's archive (nGlide 1.04.3), and the game doesn't allow to set widescreen and big resolutions, possibly, the problem is in the nGlide itself. Please try dx6 or dgvoodoo thrash drivers.

  9. daniel

    I downloaded again the patch and overwrite my setup and now i can see the 4k res using nglide. Cool. Must have set something wrong in the ini's. :D

    Now i tested the other drivers:
    dgvoodoo. Can set 4k(nvidia dsr) but has artifacts when loading and playing the game. Can see 32 bit color.
    dx6. Can set 4k(nvidia dsr) but crashes when trying to load. Can see 32bit color. 1080p works fine.Main menu is fuzzy.
    Ngilde Is using 16 bit mode only. I dont know if iit is capable of 32 bit mode..

  10. VEG Post author

    16 bit mode is ok for nglide. The game thinks that it's 16 bit resolution, but nGlide uses 32 bit resolution in fact.

  11. daniel


    Can we have a seeting so that we can change the aspect ratio? I know that will stretch the image but for my eyes it's better.
    If i set Resolution=1 i can see that the image is stretched. I played quite some time i didnt seen artifacts when stretched. Used alson ngilde wrraper with stretched image and everything seems ok.

    Preaty please!!!! This and the spinning wheels in the mirror and i think the game will be perfect.

  12. VEG Post author

    Try to change “Aspect” setting in the thrash.ini of the nglide driver.

    I have a long TODO list according this project. There are about 100 ideas. But it requires too much time, so I've decided to stop developing at this point. Currently, I've done much more than I've planned before. Probably, in the far future I will have more free time, so I'll be able to return to this project.

  13. Brut

    Hello and thanx for really great job here, did not found any new bugs, everything works fine. Except the old bug from original game with police when u drive a map backwards. As i read here, there will be no more versions of this patch in near future?

  14. VEG Post author

    Brut, a bug with police needs very deep investigation for fixing. Probably, I'll release a small update this year, but there are will be just a couple of small fixes.

  15. Brut

    I understand, I was just asking about this one bug, because as i know, it is the biggest bug in this game, that is destroying the whole gameplay on this setting, hope You manage to fix this one day... You have done a great work, more of my friends started to play this game again :D

  16. Milan

    Veg, I need your help with first Need For Speed Special Edition: if you have the time to look at it. The game has dos and win exe. With DOSBox it works but it's not ideal because it's lagging and sound is distorted. Tried different settings and nothing. Probably better CPU is needed. Win version won't even install and I tried manually to copy different files but couldn't do anything. I would be grateful if you could just look at the game and give me some advice how to make it work under Win. Thanks in advance.

  17. VEG Post author

    Milan, sorry, but I don't have enough free time to see what's wrong with the NFS: SE.