Need For Speed III Modern Patch v1.6.1 [2016/10/28] (HD + Widescreen + Portable)

“Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit” is the first 3D game of my life. When I've seen the game first time, I was extremely amazed because I'd never seen 3D games before. It was in 2000. I can't count hours which I've spent in the Split Screen mode with my cousin. And the music... it's so awesome, so I'd recorded it on an audio cassette, and listened it hundreds of times.

And now, years later, I had tried to play this game. But the game refused to run on modern hardware. So, I had tried to investigate how to fix it. I had a little carried away by this. As the result I've created an impressive patch. 25000+ lines of assembly code, 150+ days of reverse-engineering and coding, 40 sheets of A4 paper were covered with writing during development, a huge list of changes...

Hometown in widescreen resolution

Key Features

  • Full widescreen and HD resolutions support. You can easily use resolutions like 1920×1200. Now the game supports all aspect ratios from the 5:4 to 16:9, inclusive 4:3 and 16:10. HUD will be adopted automatically for every aspect ratio.
  • Improved graphics. No more cars with non-rotating wheels, better textures and models for other's cars (original game reduces size of textures even on maximum graphics settings), better graphics in the rear view, etc.
  • New graphics settings: Rear View Detail (High/Medium/Low), Rear View Camera From (In Car Camera/Active Camera, it decreases the blind spot), Fog (On/Off, like in the NFS4), Wide View Angle setting (useful for the widescreen resolutions).
  • Fog effect and light beams support in DirectX 6/7 (they were exclusive effects for the 3dfx Voodoo).
  • Portability. All system settings are loaded from the ini file. No more registry!
  • Compatibility. Most problems with modern Windows were fixed. Full support of multi-core processors. Original game can work properly only on one core. This change dramatically improves performance of the nGlide and the dgVoodoo.
  • Alt+Tab support. You can safely minimize the game when nGlide or dgVoodoo driver is used.
  • Built-in screenshoter. Just press Print Screen key, and a screenshot will be saved into the screenshots subdirectory in the JPG/PNG/BMP format.
  • Improved keyboard support in the menu. Now it is much more consistent. You can also use the Tab and Shift+Tab to switch between elements.
  • Better modding abilities. The game doesn't crash when high-poly cars are used. Also it possible to use huge textures up to 2048×2048 (original limit was 256×256).
  • Optimizations. 10 times faster gameplay loading on modern systems. To skip loading animation just press any key.
  • Bugfixes. More than 200 changes at all!


Before and after: cars have better textures, side mirrors don't disappear

How to install

  1. Copy FEDATA and GAMEDATA directories from the NFS3 CD to a new empty directory.
  2. Extract contents of the nfs3_modern_patch.7z (1.6MB) into that directory with replacement of files.
  3. Done!

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If you are a server, ports 1030 and 9803 have to be accessible from the network, so you have to add the appropriate permit rule in your firewall for the nfs3.exe and configure a port forwarding properly. If you're a client, port forwarding isn't required.


Donated: $270.
Status: suspended.

Planned features:

  • [Done] Sharp fonts and other elements in menus on D3D renderers, just like when Glide renderers are used.
  • [Done] The problem with visible black polygons (e.g. near the Old Church) on the DX7 renderer will be solved.
  • [Done] Movies support for the DX8 renderer.
  • [Done] 32bpp rendering for movies. Menu will also work in 32bpp video mode and it will look better. Now it works in 16bpp.
  • Simple windowed mode for the DX6/DX7/DX8 renderers. It will be possible to enable it using ini file.
  • Investigation about how to add an ability to restore minimized game when it works in fullscreen mode.
  • Separate “Frame Size” and “Frame Cropping” graphics settings instead of the current combined one.
  • Rewriting of the code which uses the mouse cursor in the exclusive mode. The game will use the default system behavior of the mouse cursor. It will solve many small problems with the mouse cursor in this game. For example, your cursor will be able to leave the window of the game (when it works in a window) without pressing any keys. Also it will solve problems with mouse lagging on some computers.
  • Solving of the problems with loading of ghost and replay files from other players (when the other player has a little bit different set of cars in his game).
  • An optional ability to change structure of the game directories using the ini file. It may be useful for modding. It will be more flexible than the from the original versions. For example, you will be able to move all save files to some separate directory (e.g. "savedata").
  • An optional ability to load a thrash driver from the root directory, as it was in the original version of the game.

These features are planned for the v1.6.1, v1.6.2 and v1.6.3. A beta version is here.

  1. #251

    Ok, thanks for the clarification! So where do we get the addon vehicles for NFS 3? Is the torrent file the only way to get these addon cars? or is there an alternate method? I don't really want to download from a torrent.

  2. #252

    Sorry if I am asking so many questions . . . I am really a noob at this modding stuff.

  3. #253

    Mein god this "NFS III Fan" :DDD what a idiot; anyway awesome patch :) and there is standalone zip with addon cars if anyone wants. I also created GUI for nfs3.ini, if you want i can send you that for approval :)

  4. #254

    Keiiko, Cool! Does it have all of the official EA addon cars? I couldn't find them anywhere on google.

    I kind of agree a little with NFS III Fan, torrents can be dangerous, but not to that extreme. You have to know where to look for torrents, He went a little off the deep end I'm afraid.

    Thanks again for the addon car link!

  5. #255

    The GUI sounds interesting, send the link so that we can check it out! :)

  6. #256

    Keiiko, Ok it has the official EA cars (read the link) ;)

    But does it contain the showcases for each. That was a problem with one that I found.

  7. #257

    Joe, i dont know that :D add them a see for yourself, that link is from some nfs forum. and for that gui, i would like to hear approval from veg first and maybe add some more stuff into that :) here is sreen (expires i 1week)

  8. #260

    Here are all of the rest of the links for missing official addon vehicles from EA:
    1. Ford Falcon GT
    - Ford Falcon GT (Australian Bonus):
    - Ford Falcon GT Custom Showcase:
    - Ford Falcon GT EA Official Showcase:

    2. HSV VT GTS
    - HSV VT GTS (Australian Bonus) + Custom Showcase:
    - HSV VT GTS (Australian Bonus) + EA Official Showcase:

    3. Chevrolet Corvette C5 Indy 500 1998 Edition
    - Chevrolet Corvette C5 Indy 500 (Wal-Mart Edition Bonus):
    - Chevrolet Corvette C5 Indy 500 Custom Showcase:
    - There is no Official EA Showcase for this car

    All of the other cars listed below you can get with Keiiko's Link:

    4. Lister Storm (EA Bonus) + Showcase
    5. Ferrari 456M GT (EA Bonus) + Showcase
    6. Jaguar XKR (EA Bonus) + Showcase
    7. Spectre R42 (EA Bonus) + Showcase

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    Hi, I am so thankful to you for creating this patch. It truly has made playing this game a bliss.

    I even went so far as to try and stream this using the nglide renderer and OBS. Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to like DLL hooks and would just crash in the transition from menu to race.

  10. #266

    AW: look thru comments or google that for solution; its common problem, because menu is in smaller resolution and the race is bigger and wider

  11. #267
    VEG Author

    AW, open drivers/nglide/thrash.ini and set NGLIDE_RESOLUTION=1 and NGLIDE_ASPECT=1. It will help. Or you can run screen capturing using hotkey, just after pressing the Run button. I had recorded a video on the top of this page using OBS + hotkey for capturing.

  12. #268

    Thanks for the speedy reply.
    I will try it out ASAP and let you know how it went.

  13. #269

    Gracias funciona perfecto

  14. #270

    what is the difference between veg modern patch and rejzor patch?

  15. #271
    VEG Author

    dickhead, Rejzor's patch is based on the Modern Patch and adds an ability to drive traffic cars.

  16. #272

    so everything is there from your patch, and works like normal modern patch just this option added?

  17. #273
    VEG Author

    dickhead, something like that. Also Rejzor's version has an installer and configurator for choosing Thrash Driver (a setting in the nfs3.ini file).

  18. #274

    and are they compatible in multiplayer?

  19. #275
    VEG Author

    dickhead, it's a general Modern Patch, just with some additional custom things. It have to be compatible, but I haven't tested Rejzor's version.

  20. #276

    yeah thank you very much, you do a great job and if rajzor messes something, we can still kick his ass ;)

  21. #277

    To anyone having issues getting the traffic cars to work from Rejzor;s installer link:

    Please select the first option (Player Only) when patching the traffic cars. There is a glitch with the installer that if you select to have both the A.I and the Player to have access to the traffic cars, it won't add them. In fact the first option adds the traffic cars to both the player and the A.I. Rejzor is still working on a fix, but I wanted to tell you guys so there is no confusion. The new indirectSound option works perfectly though so feel free to patch that.

    Here is the thread where we figured out the solution to the Traffic Car Problem, just scroll down to the last comments:

    dickhead, P.S: Don't kick Rejzor's ass. He is working on the fix for the Traffic Cars!!! :)

  22. #278
    Stifen Deva Yoga

    This patch is absolutely amazing! Easy to use, better modding capabilities, better experience, etc. I can't thank you enough for this brilliant effort, Veg! :)

    I think this patch needs one more feature: increasing the car limit. NFS3 only able to store up to 50 playable cars (15 default cars + 35 addon cars, traffic cars don't count), and the game will crash if there're more than 50 cars. The fact that NFS3 won't allow users to install lots of addon cars at the same time is kinda annoying. Removing that limit will also improve the modding capabilities.

  23. #279

    Hey people, NfS 3 Hot Pursuit has birthday today!!! 18th brthday, really sexi, really coool :) CHEERS to everybody and thanks VEG for your great work :) ALohaaaa

  24. #280

    This seems to be a great Patch for the game, but i can't get it to work properly... I've done exactly as requested (move folders from game CD to a folder in Program Files) and extracted the Modern Patch in this folder. When trying to run the game, it gives me a message, stating that "The required files are not found or were corrupted". Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks in advance!

  25. #281
    VEG Author

    LoucurasdoPortal, it seems that you had done something wrong. Please check if your archiver doesn't delete all other files in the fedata and gamedata directories.

  26. #283

    Hi, this is really a nice patch! It runs perfectly in my surface pro 4! I just had a dream this morning that I'm searching for a 64bit patch for NFS3, and when I woke up, I ask google for it and here it is, great job!

    One more thing, in the early years I play NFS3, there's a "crack" patch to let the light take effect in day time. It's just a modified menu file that you can pause the game and click the additional item called "Light..." (or something like that, I don't recall...). It's really cool to have light effect in the dark tracks like Empire City with cop lights. But there's a bug of that patch that if you don't switch the mode back before the ending of race, the reply will be recorded as a night driving.
    Will you think to added this to your modern patch?


  27. #284
    VEG Author

    Shikai, thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry, but I don't think that this “Light...” feature is a good idea.

  28. #285

    wow, fabulous work, thank you so much for bringing back my childhood :-)

    much appreciated!

  29. #286

    By the way, and please forgive me if I sound annoying, but there's one thing that I think it could get improved. Before this patch happened, I remember having a sort of rustic mod loader by simply using different files to load different folders. This way I could have both a stock game and a modded one (Need For Lamboghini was one of those in which I had a hell of lambos as you may imagine). Now since your patch doesn't use this file I couldn't do it anymore, and while I could have several copies of the game, it would be really inefficient. Is there a way that you could bring this posibility back? So if I need to use for example another CARMODEL folder I can change it from an ini file or something. This also is useful for those who have a lot of cars to install but can't do it for the 50 cars limit, it's not the same but it's something.

    Again forgive me if this is annoying to you, since you already did a fucking lot for the game I shouldn't ask you for things.

  30. #287

    @Walter: Using Jim Diabolo's NFSHS mixer, you can easily activate/deactivate cars, or make custom carlists.

  31. #288

    @Noise: I will check out that, thanks. However, that doesn't allow you to load different backgrounds and different track names as theese are on Strings folder. file made that possible, that's why I'm interested in a similar solution for expanded modding.

  32. #289
    VEG Author

    Walter, I've added this idea to the proposed features list for next versions:

  33. #290

    Fair enough. I cannot use my paypal account yet since I don't have credit card, I'll remember this when I get one (argentinian debit cards are useless aparently).

  34. #291

    @Walter: You are right.Although a string editor exsists.But it's not userfriendly i.m.o. Let's put our hopes on VEG (and donate)

  35. #292

    Can you tweak the view range of the world mesh and objects to get rid of pop-ups in the distance?

  36. #293
    VEG Author

    Tuurngait, it requires editing of the track files. I'm not planning to do it.

  37. #294

    Which program do you use for editing the game?
    An other question: Could you create a new option for tournament? It would be useful, if we could change the starting order to REVERSE starting order.
    For example: Ordinary starting order is the last race result: 1,2,3,4,5..., and we need it to reverse 8,7,6,5...

  38. #295
    VEG Author

    Which program do you use for editing the game?

    I'm using IDA as a disassembler and FASM as an assembler.

    Could you create a new option for tournament? It would be useful, if we could change the starting order to REVERSE starting order.

    Maybe someday in the future. There are too much other important things to do for this project. Compatibility and performance problems have the highest priority.

  39. #296

    I know you have plenty of work, now that NFS4 Modern Patch has been successfully funded :) But it would be great if you considered a similar patch for Motor City Online, of course, after you're done with your current projects. Yes, it's playable - all the required can be downloaded from :)

  40. #297

    Hi Veg! Just wanted to say, excellent job on this patch! it made everything work better than before! If you're working on the next version of this patch, I like to request the following new features...

    - A menu to choose your full grid opponents cars and color for single race, gives races more variety!
    - More cinematic camera angles for replays!

    Keep up the good work! Would be cool to see a modern patch for NFS 2 SE!

  41. #299

    Tropixx, yep, as Tuurngait said. Btw i created installation guide for NFS1-4, but it is not in english :/

  42. #300

    Tuurngait, I think that his next project should be Need For Speed 1: Special Edition and I would donate for it. For NFS 2 there is cross platform patch with working multiplayer here:
    VEG is working on NFS 3 and 4 patch and Porsche Unleashed is working with iplounge and NFS 6 also. So if you ask me I think he should do NFS 1: SE next.

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