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Hi there! My name is Evgeny and I'm a programmer. I like noisy companies, skating, and pelmeni.

I was born in 1987, in a small Belarusian city called Slutsk. My childhood dreams were related to computers, probably inspired by The Hackers movie. The dreams came true in 2000 when my parents bought me a new PC. I still remember that day, I was the happiest child in the world for sure =) Almost from the beginning I became curious how games are made and how I could modify them. Next year I started to create programs in Delphi, and in C++ a little bit later. It was clear to me that it is the thing that I had dreamed of.

In 2005, I moved to Minsk and entered the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. A bit later, I discovered passion for low level programming and x86 assembly language. Once in a few years I work on such projects days and nights forgetting about everything else for a few months, and then I return to normal life again =)

In 2019, I moved to Finland. At this moment, I work for Epic Games. It's the best job I've ever had.


My nickname is VEG, and I like when people use it in informal conversations. It's an acronym of my family name, given name and patronymic. The right pronunciation is [veg], not [veʤ]. The second and third sounds have to be pronounced like in the word “beg”, and definitely not like in the word “vegetable”. My nickname has nothing in common with vegetarianism, and I'm not a vegetarian (as some people asked me about it). Sometimes I can't use “VEG” as a username on some websites because this nickname is too short and it is often not allowed to use. In such cases I use “vrubleg” as my username, which is just an extended form of my nickname.


English isn't my native language, so sorry for dumb mistakes. I hope that it is at least a little bit better than Google Translate =)

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    hello ,i am chinese,i am very happy to see your blog.

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    You are an amazing person Evgeny.

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    Go change that world Veg.
    Greetings, Dosgamert.

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    Hey congrats on the gig at Epic games, and thanks for all of the work you have shared through this website. It truly is appreciated.

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    Veg sorry I don't know you but you can call me Rue. I don't know much about the depths of of configurations etc although I'm intelligent enough to follow instructions. I have an old PS1 games that belong to someone I cared very deeply about but who is gone now. Sorry it's Friday and I've been drinking a few shots. So please forgive me as I try to find things and enjoy things that my brother cared about. I have his old PS1 I paid 12 us dollars to have this disc repaired and of course did everything from toothpaste to alcohol to fix it without success.. I know it's obsolete etc.. I've been told to trash it etc. It plays all games he opened but four. It played this one for a while but now nothing and of course it's the one of the ones I like the most. Is there anyway I can fix it or download it to a DVD or CD for my personal use. Nothing else has worked. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

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    I'm America from a southern state who gets made fun of for being country or redneck and uneducated. The town I'm originally from doesn't even have it's own zip code. But as of now I live in Arab Alabama another small town but not nearly as small as the one I'm from as it has a zip code. I wasn't fortunate enough to attend a university but I had 2 children one a daughter Christina passed away wanting to be a nurse in the near future. She had a daughter who was 2 and a son who she was pregnant with but was never fortunate to know outside of her body. He survived she died a month later at 25. I have a son who is a physicist he's now 38. I had him when I was 15 .It took many different loans and 2 jobs for him to finally get his doctorate. He still research at the school he last attended. The pay isn't great but I guess there's not a great demand for physicists. But he loves what he does and of course that is what matters.

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    VEG Author

    Rue, my parents couldn't afford PS1 in 90's, so I've never ever played it and don't know how to help you with your issues. Probably, you could just look for a PS1 emulator and games for it.

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    Hi VEG

    Just like to tell you how happy i am after i found out that i can play my old favorite games on my modern computer.
    You have really done a fantastic job and people like you are just amazing. I wish i had your skills.

    Just read your bio, and of course you got a job at Epic Games. Glad to hear a good company hijacked such talent ;)

    Wish you the best


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