Need For Speed III Modern Patch
A huge patch for the NFS3 with widescreen support and many other additional features.

Need For Speed 4 Modern Patch
A patch for the Need For Speed 4: High Stakes. It is a side project of the NFS3 Modern Patch.

Yamaha S-YXG50 Portable VSTi
A software MIDI synthesizer for Windows, which functions as a VSTi plugin.

Sound Keeper
Prevents SPDIF/HDMI/Bluetooth digital audio playback devices from sleeping.

Hosts Commander
A command line hosts editor with support of batch operations, IDN and IPv6.

Super User CMD
Running programs with elevated privileges from command line (through UAC, without password) for Windows.

Unchained Nostalgia
A NES demo based on the pirate multicart with a romantic storyline and the Unchained Melody in the menu.