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Recognition Wall 2020 - 2021

2021/11/29 Andreas Stark (€5):
Need for Speed 3: Great Work works even with Windows 10 now. I'm going to play it with my son!

2021/10/27 Yongxiang Chen (€50):
(Without a comment).

2021/10/18 Johannes Lang (€15):
Thanks for your work (NFSIII modern patch)!

2021/09/14 Sebastian Bauhaus (€5):
Thank you, VEG :-) (for the NFS4 Modern Patch)

2021/09/13 Piotr Pawłowski (€50):
For NFS3+NFS4 patches :)

2021/08/05 Christian (€10):
Please add 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios.

2021/08/03 Marko Tosevski (€6):
(Without a comment).

2021/05/13 Heiko Peters (€5):
Thanks for the Sound Keeper!

2021/04/22 Joseph Panzner (€20):
SoundKeeper is an amazing program and I'm so glad I discovered it. I use PowerPoint to make fun games and the sound effects were constantly getting cut off due to the audio going to sleep every few seconds. Thank you!

2021/03/14 Zatic (€40):
Thanks for the great work you did on NFS3 and NFS4 Modern Patches!

2021/02/18 Joshua Griffin (€10):
Need me some high stakes, newer games are awful.

2020/12/28 Peter Riedlberger (€5):
For SoundKeeper64 which makes my life a lot easier when learning Russian. The dialog pauses in the learning material meant that the first bit of every speaker's text was lacking, and I had to use an annoying work-around when doing my daily lessons (i. e. , using the analog outputs). Thank you very much!

2020/10/10 Maximilian Höhn (€8):
(Without a comment).

2020/08/05 Marko Tosevski (€10):
(Without a comment).

Recognition Wall 2016 - 2019

2016/11/25 Rider66 (₽10000 ≈ $154 for NFS4):
(Without a comment).

2016/10/17 OlK76 (€125 ≈ $137 for NFS4):
For a better NFS4 support.

2016/10/07 MADMAN_nfs ($100 for NFS4):
Thanks for all work you already put into your projects! Greetings from Germany.

2016/10/12 JimDiabolo ($100 for NFS4):
For the best NFS4 ever.

2017/02/12 paulanocom (₽5274 ≈ $90 for NFS3):
For a better NFS3 support.

2016/10/12 OlK76 (€80 ≈ $88 for NFS3):
For a better NFS3 support.

2016/10/19 Cooya! (₽3984 ≈ $63 for NFS4):
Thank you soooo much for fixing up NFS4! Rescuer - Where have you been all these years?!? ;)

2016/10/07 XJ220 (€50 ≈ $55 for NFS4):
Still hard to believe what you achieved, please keep it up!

2016/11/02 Freak-DS (₽3376 ≈ $52 for NFS4):
17 years old game and VEG brings the revolution. Thanks man.

2016/10/18 Tom.K ($50 for NFS3):
You're doing great with these projects. Keep improving them!

2017/02/14 Zpectre87 (₽2590 ≈ $45 for NFS4):
Thanks for your work on the classic NFS games. Now they're much easier to enjoy on modern PCs!

2016/10/15 Niko Franke (₽2720 ≈ $43 for NFS4):
NFS4 is the target for me, but I appreciate all your work.

2016/10/07 Remko ($40 for NFS4):
Thanks for expanding the limits of this game, and for listening to our input.

2016/10/18 Sr Lluny (€30 ≈ $33 for NFS4):
Keep up the good job. Thank you very much. I can play again my favourite game.

2016/12/20 beterhans (₽770 ≈ $12 for NFS3):
Thanks! You are awesome! And a little request from me, please check if it will take a lot effort or not. Can you make a key to switch camera on to AI police car in replay mode? :)

2016/10/29 Tesla ($10 for NFS3, $10 for NFS4):
Thank you for your hard work!

2016/10/07 Silent ($10 for NFS3, $5 for NFS4):
Thanks for the NFS3 and NFS4 patches.

2016/10/08 JimDiabolo ($10 for NFS3):
Your NFS3 work needs to be appreciated.

2016/10/09 Milan ($10 for NFS4):
Thanks for the patches man.

2016/10/12 Gustingorriz ($10 for NFS4):
Thanks for making NFS4 stronger than ever. Keep up the good work!

2016/11/05 Anonymous (₽484 ≈ $7 for NFS4):
(Without a comment).

2017/03/17 Anonymous (CA$9 ≈ $7 for SYXG50):
Thanks. Works great with foobar2000!