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Running image viewer from Windows XP on modern Windows

I have a directory with old images which I collected in the noughties. I move it with all my other files from one computer to another on every upgrade. Every now and then, when I feel a bit nostalgic, I open it and look through the pictures. There are a few GIF files with animation, and every time I notice that the default image viewer from Windows 7 does not support it. I remembered, that the image viewer from Windows XP was able to play GIF animation properly. So, I spent a bit of time to overcome a few obstacles and to run the old image viewer on modern Windows, a small launcher was created for this purpose. Now I can watch these old images in authentic interface of the old image viewer from Windows XP.

Download: shimgvw_xp32.7z (includes a binary and source code of the launcher, and the shimgvw.dll from English Windows XP SP3).

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Unchained Nostalgia v1.4

An updated version of the NES demo based on the pirate multicart with a romantic storyline and the Unchained Melody in the menu.

  • Sound engine is rewritten. It consumes less RAM bytes and CPU cycles.
  • Gapless repeat of the melody (there was a frame of silence before).
  • A bit more compact representation of music data (NSF file size: 1720 bytes).
  • NSFe track count is fixed (some NSFe players were erroneously trying to play more than one track).
  • More robust handling of the Konami Code input.
  • Missile reloading takes some time.
  • Up to 6 missiles on screen simultaneously!
  • Respawn other birds and return to the normal mode when you have died.
  • No visible changes in graphics.

Download: (20KB). Project page →