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Need For Speed 4 Modern Patch: To be, or not to be...

I have published initial version of the NFS4 Modern Patch. Currently, it has a small amount of fixes. Unfortunately, I had spent more than 150 days during last year on developing of the NFS3 Modern Patch, it is too much, and now I can't afford to spend enough time for porting main useful changes to the NFS4. I recommend you to try the NFS3 Modern Patch to understand how big and useful this NFS4 version of the patch could be.

This kind of work needs much time. It is not possible to do such things spending only an hour or two in the evenings. It requires days and weeks of hard work without huge gaps, 8-10 hours per day. I had started NFS3 Modern Patch a year ago, and little by little this project absorbed all my time and had taken the place of my paid work (freelance). Now I can't continue in the same spirit because I'm almost out of money. It's time to choose what I will do next.

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Need For Speed III Modern Patch v1.5.1, v1.5.2, and v1.5.3

  • “Rear View Camera” setting which allows to lock the rear view camera in the car. It greatly increases visibility and reduces the blind spot when the current main camera is not “In Car”.
  • Experimental ini setting AllowHugeTextures which enables huge texture (512×512, 1024×1024, and 2048×2048) support for track elements and cars during gameplay. Useful for the game modding.
  • Fixed a bug of the original game which was a cause of different volume of the race music each race.
  • Added two additional random race music modes: Random (Rock) and Random (Techno).
  • Added two additional random menu music modes: Random (Fast) and Random (Slow). Fast: Romulus 3, Triton, Pi. Slow: Minotaur, Whipped, Whacked.
  • Menu music volume will be used for the movies.
  • Better Rear View Detail setting. Light from the car headlights and cop flashers will be rendered even on Medium value of this setting. View Distance and Car Detail in the Rear View Mirror now depends on Rear View Detail also. So, if you have performance problems with High level of the Rear View Detail setting, just use Medium. It have to be much more usable now.
  • Better compatibility with the Thrash API v107 according to fog. So, the DX7 renderer can render fog in the NFS3 now.
  • Fixed a bug of the original game which was a cause of using player name from the loaded ghost file instead of the current player name.
  • More than 20 changes in these releases. See the readme file for more details.

Download: nfs3_modern_patch.7z (1.5MB). Project page →