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InterGeeks - English-speaking Skype chat for IT geeks from around the world

Sometimes I'm trying to learn English. There are no problems with the practice of reading and listening. But I don't know where I can talk about something interesting for a geek like me. This is why I've created an English-speaking Skype chat about IT and other interesting things. You are welcome! Don't be shy to post interesting links and other things which could be an interesting topic for discussion.

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Hello, world!

Welcome to the English version of my blog! I've seen that some users are using Google Translate to read Russian version of my blog. I hope that my English is a little bit better than automatic translation, and it will be more understandable for you. I'm not going to translate all my old posts, so some of my projects available only in the Russian version of these pages. But I'm planning to present here the most useful ones for international users. Feel free to contact me if you would like to improve quality of English on some pages of this blog.